With the aim of enabling both, young minds and working professionals to strategize their future growth and steer their career in the right direction, Nulearn is constantly emerging as a leading Ed-tech platform across India and abroad. Offering a mix of online and offline approaches and practical training modules, this one-of-its-kind company, founded by leading HR experts prepares aspiring minds to confront the challenges in an evolving and cognitively demanding marketplace.

Nulearn is a subsidiary of Human Racers, a well established brand for HR and training interventions that offers HR solutions to organizations across India.

At Nulearn, we formulate craft, establish, manage and promote strategies. More than this, we understand the need of blending innovative learning techniques, constructive pedagogy, communication technologies and advanced information to offer scalable, affordable and innovative solutions and ways to the education community.

Although the courses delivered are digital, live classroom sessions conducted by Nulearn enable students to interact with eminent faculty from the leading institutions through Nulearn Plug-n-learn technology that runs on even 2g speed and can be accessed through mobile application also.

Nulearn offers a spectrum of services and programs curated by the leading corporates and institutes worldwide. The network of Nulearn extends across an array of India’s most prestigious academies astride a slew of collaborations with top-notch institutions including the Indian Institute of Management.


“Spin The Wheel Now”

Our Mission

Nulearn aims to generate an ongoing dialogue around the ways ,technology can transform learning and how skills and knowledge of 21st century can be executed in education. Being one of the most diversified providers of services and solutions in the Ed-tech space, Nulearn follows one over-riding goal – to impart world-class education. A primary part of Nulearn’s long-term success plan is offering young people, the right skillsets to succeed and get better jobs.

Our Vision

Nulearn’s vision is to empower learning and improve the process of learning by collaborating and connecting with the like-minded people to learn, utilize and discover the best ways to deliver quality education – anytime and anywhere. Unlike conventional ways that worked on the linear learning model, solutions offered by Nulearn reflect closely on the multidimensional nature of complex advanced education segments.

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