IIM-Rohtak has emerged as one of the leading management institutes in India, offering a broad range of project management courses to choose from. Why should one opt for a PMP accreditation? A PMP accreditation for a project manager acts as a platform for opening a wide avenue in career. Not only does it accentuates project management skills but also expands market reach, provides a prism for showcasing problem handling abilities and results a hike in salary by huge numbers.
The project management course has a wide array of credibility and acquiring one of the leading project management certifications in India acts as a cherry on a cake; here are 10 major benefits of this project management course from one of the prestigious colleges of the nation-

·         1. It acts as a parameter for setting you apart
A PMP accreditation provides you with the essential project management tools which help you showcase your project management skills and the credentials to prove it.

·         2. Opens up a new dimension for showcasing your talent
The project management process increases your horizon pertaining to different fields like commerce, finance, technology, telecom, business process unit and many more, providing the project management tools required for the field.

·         3. Enhancement of skills
The project management course targets the 5 fields- initiating, planning, executing, monitoring and controlling, and closing, thus ensuring you have the required project management tools for working as an efficient project management professional.

·         4. Makes you a calm project management professional
An efficient project management professional is judged by his ability to handle the project in times of crisis. PMP accreditation provides you with the essential project management tools to handle risky or unforeseen circumstances.

·         5. Makes you a risk taker
This project management course increases your credibility as a project management professional thus increasing your ability to lead, manage and direct a challenging project.

·         6. Improves the performance of a project
PMP accreditation provides you with the project management tools mandatory for efficient and successful implementation of the project along with the enhancement in productivity.

·         7. Provides a platform on global scale
The project management skills are now the increasing trend, all the multi-national companies seeking for employs having a PMP accreditation. Having pursued a project management course from one of the top-notch management institutes of our country, it serves as a platform for showcasing your project management skills on a global level.

·         8. Better job opportunities
According to latest research, 80% of the successful projects are headed by a professional having a PMP accreditation, thus increasing the demand for project management professionals with a PMP accreditation. Thus pursuing a project management course from IIM-R not only provides with a better job prospectus on the national level but also on the global scale.

·         9. Drastic hike in salary
Having a PMP accreditation increases your salary drastically, and with the growing demand for project management professionals worldwide with a PMP accreditation, a project management professional can earn up to a salary in 6 figures.

10. Expand in market reach
Having a PMP accreditation gives you a provision for reaching out to a wider audience on global scale. PMP accreditation increases you expertise with knowledge sharing and tips, thus expanding your market reach.
So, be a part of the project management course in IIM-Rohtak, one of the best management institutes of India and grab all the career benefits coming your way.

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