Project management is an art of bringing conception

Project management is an art of bringing conception to completion. It is a team game played by professionals who gel together to achieve a specific goal in a steady period. Project management involves initiating, planning, executing, controlling, and closing the work of a team and thus ticking away a goal off the list. The efficient application of knowledge, skills, tools, and techniques to project activities demands a special set of skills. The team player needs to possess flexibility along with deliveringon-time, on-budget results, learning and integration that organizations need, to emerge as an expert project manager. The project manager should be a champion of leadership, negotiation, team management, risk management, personal organization and excellent communication for efficient engagement of team in projects. An error in either of this leads to mismanagement.

Check out the reasons common for a failure:

  • 1. Vagueness in goals and vision
    Failure in gaining clarity in the destination to be reached and its efficient way makes the most part of mismanagement. Asking the five W questions and how forms the necessary canvas to sketch out the plan and proceed further into accurate organizing of team inputs.Project defines its vision and goals, but the document rests on a shelf and is never used as a guide for subsequent decision making. A perfect transparency of the process instills a correct picture in the minds of team players thereby eliminating errors and miscommunication.
  • 2. Inefficient leadership and organization
    Leadership is branched as business, technical and organizational enhances the managers to plan according to the domain. On proceeding in this path a manager can provide the required structure for the ideas of the project. A successful manager always initiates the project with right data and employs micromanagement techniques which enable the entire team to magnify every small detail involved.
  • 3. Weak communication and ambiguity
    Since a project is a product of collective ideas of a team, the flow of concepts is necessary among the professionals to emerge out with the desired results. An inexact communication only brings demotivation among the teammates. An unclear email communication only causes chaos and confusion increasing the error potential.There is no more effective way to kick off a meeting than to have the entire team come together for a planning session with effective and inspiring communication.
  • 4. Unrealistic timeframes and poor risk management:
    Managers face failure due to the under planning of schedule or even updating it regularly. Working under constant and excessive schedule pressure only causes the team players to have unplanned commitments which push them to dissatisfy their deadline. Risk management is seen as an independent activity rather than an integral part of the planning process. The ability to manage the variables in a planned timeframe should proactively be a part of the PM. A failure to qualify and quantify that uncertainty results the project team to land in risks.
  • 5. Unripe project managers coupled with an inaccurate budget plan
    It is the experience in working as a manager that makes a manager an efficient successful PM. The handling of years of uncertainties and variables in a planned schedule only makes a manager more ready and eligible to lead a team. The experienced project managers have a high rate of achieving the target and a greater challenge winning potential. It also helps them to draw a realistic budget plan that utilizes the resources t the superlative degree. A failure in either takes away the spirit of becoming a fulfilled project manager.
    So in combating the above reasons, IIM-Rohtak has come up with a Certification program in Project management. It is a short term course open for graduates, working professionals and corporate participants with business acumen and learning skills.

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