Course description

Who Should attend & Course Pedagogy

  • Executives from any domain who are keen on learning Business Analytics and Big Data for professional development.
  • Software developers/ IT Professionals who are willing to move into Business Analytics and Big Data.
  • Professors from Institutes who are willing to upgrade their skills in Business Analytics and Big Data.
  • People with a Non-technical background can also apply for this course.


  • Graduation or equivalent degree from any recognized University or Institute
  • Minimum 2 years of Working Experience
  • On case-to-case basis less experience can be considered.

Course Pedagogy

  1. The course will be taught through online platforms.
  2. Instructor’s notes, data and scripts will be shared via Google Classroom.
  3. Participants will be evaluated continuously through assignments.
  4. There will be a final examination with multiple choice questions.
  5. Course material is solely meant for recipients and should not be distributed/shared elsewhere. 

Award of the Certificate

  1. Participants who pass the final examination and have the requisite attendance will be provided a course completion certificate.
  2. Participants who do not clear the final examination but have requisite attendance will be awarded a participation certificate only.

Best suited for

  • Professionals who are looking to upgrade their career in Analytics.
  • Entrepreneurs/Business Analyst/Project Managers.
  • Senior Managers/Managers/Team Members who are involved in analytics.

Assignments, Videos & Case Studies

Curated Course Syllabus

Introduction to Business Analytics

  • Descriptive, Inferential, Predictive Analytics, and Prescriptive Analytics
  • Machine Learning for Business Analytics

Introduction to Python

  • How to install and run Python
  • Operators and Expressions
  • Decision Statements
  • Loop Control Statements
  • Functions & Python Packages
  • Working with Files
  • Object Oriented Concepts

Descriptive and Visual Exploratory Analytics

  • Descriptive Statistics
  • Visual Exploratory Analytics

Foundations of Inferential Analytics

  • Inferential Statistics and Hypothesis Testing

Business Context: Prediction
Machine Learning Context: Regression

  • Simple and Multiple Linear Regression
  • Regularized Regression
  • Model Diagnostics

Business Context: Classification
Machine Learning Context: Classification

  • Classification Basics
  • Logistic regression, Discriminant Analysis, Decision Trees, SVM
  • Confusion Matrix and Cost Benefit Analysis
  • Validation Methods – k-fold techniques

Business Context: Advanced Machine Learning Methods
Machine Learning Context: Advanced Machine Learning Methods

  • Ensemble Methods - Boosting and Bagging

Business Context: Segmentation
Machine Learning Context: Clustering

  • Clustering Basics
  • k-means, hierarchical and dbscan clustering
  • Clustering diagnostics

Business Context: Unstructured Data Analysis
Machine Learning Context: Text Analytics

  • Introduction to Text Analytics
  • Terminologies and Concepts
  • Text Analytics Process
  • NLTK & Sklearn

Business Context: Understanding User Behavior
Machine Learning Context: Text Analytics

  • Sentiment Analysis
  • Topic Modeling
  • Other Text Analytics applications

Business Context: Handling Big Data
Analytics Context: Technologies for Big Data

  • Big Data Characteristics
  • Basics of Distributed Computing and Storage
  • Big Data Ecosystem

Business Context: Data Management
Analytics Context: Core Technologies for Big Data

  • Setting up a pseudo cluster in Laptop
  • Hadoop, MapReduce
  • Hive (Processing Structured data with data warehouse infrastructure)
  • Impala (used for Massive Parallel Processing of Big Data in a Cluster)
  • Pig Scripting
  • Querying exercises

Business Context: Big Data and Cloud
Analytics Context: AWS and Analytics

  • Setting up a multinode cluster in AWS

Business Context: Personalization & Decision-making
Machine Learning Context: Recommender System

  • Introduction to Recommender Systems
  • Collaborative Filtering
  • Content based Recommendations

Business Context: Market Basket Analysis
Machine Learning Context: Association Rule Mining

  • Frequent Itemset
  • Association Rules

Capstone Project Presentations

Program Fees

For Indian Residents

Rs. 80000 + GST*

Amount (INR)
1st instalment
Immediate Payment
Rs. 25,000 + GST*
2nd Instalment
10 November 2023
Rs. 25000 + GST*
3rd Instalment
20 January 2024
Rs. 30000 + GST*

For International Students

USD 1800

Kindly Note : Campus visit will be over and above of program fee.
* EMI dates may vary on a case to case basis. For more information, please refer the welcome email sent to you after the registration.
* 1% + GST* processing fees will be charged by loan partner in 6/9/12 months EMI.

Course Certificate

Earn The Certificate After The Successful Completion Of The Course

Business Analytics and Big Data
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Tools to be Used

About the institute


  • The Institute is set up with the objective of providing quality management education while sensitizing students towards the needs of the society.

    • The faculty at IIM Kashipur represent the best mix of academic and industrial experiences.


    • The Institute is located in one of the most densely industrialized regions in the country with over 180 industries having plants in and around the region. This places the Institute at a vantage point when it comes to ‘Learning by Doing’ via frequent industry interactions and live projects.


    • The rigorous curriculum seeks to instil a passion for knowledge and ability to apply that knowledge to real life scenarios.

The Indian Institute of Management Kashipur is set up with the mission to drive academic excellence using innovative teaching methods, promoting research and practice of sustainable leadership. The institute commenced operations in July 2011 with a vision to become, over the next 10 years, one of the top business schools in India developing leaders who can perform globally. The fraternity diligently follows the core values of mutual respect, lifelong learning, the pursuit of excellence, transparency, and integrity.

The flagship programmes of the institute are Master of Business Administration (MBA) and Master of Business Administration (Analytics) which are full time, two-year residential programmes. The rigorous educational curriculum tries to ingrain an enthusiasm for learning and the capacity to apply that information to real-life scenarios. The programme lays accentuation on all-round personality.

The institute also offers a two-year weekend Executive Master in Business Administration (MBA-WX) for working executives. Doctoral Programme – PhD and Executive Fellow Programme (EFPM) are the two doctoral programmes launched in 2015 and 2014 respectively. The faculty at IIM Kashipur represents one of the best mixes of academic and industrial experiences.

The 200-acre campus spreads loudness and cheers in the serene town of Kashipur, nested in the lap of Himalayas. The vibrant youth converging from across the country has lent life to and energized the beautiful campus. The institute brags of being situated in one of the densest industrialized districts in the nation with more than 180 ventures that have set up their plants in and around the region. This places the institution at a vantage moment when it comes to ‘Learning by Doing’ through regular industry interaction and live projects.

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  • I understand that merely submitting the application form and fee, does not entitle me for the admission to the Diploma programme The admission is purely on the basis of my profile scoring, qualification and further evaluation by the Institute.


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EMI Options / Plans

Rs. 80000 + 18% GST
Rs. 80000 + 18% GST
Rs. Monthly
Rs. 10212 Monthly
Down Payment for Course is 8000 + 18% GST
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  • Processing Charges may be applicable as per bank rules.

  • No loan facility is available for foreign students.


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