Course description

Who Should attend & Course Pedagogy

  • People and/or Functional Managers poised for career Growth
  • Business Heads and Leaders seeking to gain structured knowledge of business management
  • Entrepreneurs and business owners who desire to gain practical skills across different management areas


  • For Indian Participants – Graduates (10+2+3) or Diploma Holders (only 10+2+3) from a recognized university (UGC/AICTE/DEC/AIU/State Government) in any discipline.
  • For International Participants – Graduation or equivalent degree from any recognized University or Institution in their respective country.
  • Minimum of 3 years of work experience.


The delivery would comprise a judicious mix of live virtual lectures, discussions, case studies, and experience sharing through peer discussions. The course design is oriented to facilitate learning through the association of the various management concepts and their application in the business world. Across different modules, participants may be encouraged to apply or relate their in-class learning to live situations at work, peer learning therefore would be a key pillar of the process. Take-home projects may be assigned in certain modules.


The Evaluation criteria as deemed appropriate will be decided by the subject-wise Faculty Members depending upon the requirements of the subject. The methodology includes online assignments, case analysis, class participation, and any other component as decided by the respective course faculties. A minimum of 75% attendance to the Live Sessions is a prerequisite for the successful completion of this course. The course may require participants to work on individual/group assignments and/or projects. The main objective of such assignments/projects will be to help the participants apply their conceptual learning to actual organizational decision-making scenarios. The participants will have to secure the minimum pass marks in the respective evaluation component

Certification Criteria:

  • Participants who successfully complete the academic requirements and satisfy the requisite attendance criteria, will be awarded a certificate of completion.
  • Participants who are unable to clear the evaluation criteria but have the requisite attendance will be awarded a participation certificate.
  • Any participant who is neither able to clear the evaluation criteria nor satisfies the requisite attendance criteria, will not receive any certificate.

Assignments, Videos & Case Studies

Curated Course Syllabus

Module 1: Economics for Managers

  • Introduction to Micro and Macro Economics
  • Supply and Demand behaviour
  • Overview and Economic Planning in India
  • Challenges before the Indian economy
  • Theory of income and employment
  • Monet, banking, and Government Budget

Module 2: Managing the Macro Business and Legal Environment

  • Managing the legal environment - challenges and opportunities
  • Managing patents, copyrights and IPRs

Module 3: Leadership and Corporate Accountability

  • Introduction to corporate governance and corporate accountability
  • Managing Fiduciary relationships and Duties
  • The board perspective and ethical decision making

Module 4: Introduction to Business Strategy

  • Introduction to Strategic Management
  • Understanding the External, Internal Environment and Competition
  • Generic Strategies and Competitive Advantage

Module 5: Analytics for Decision Making

  • Business value of business analytics
  • Understanding (Big) data source and generation
  • Visual data analytics using Tableau
  • Predictive analytics
  • Hands-on Predictive Analytics

Module 6: Financial and Risk Management

  • Financial Statement Analysis
  • Valuation of Bonds and Shares
  • Capital Budgeting Decisions
  • Complex Investment Decision
  • Risk Analysis in Capital Budgeting
  • Financial and Operating Leverage

Module 7: Strategic Change and Transformation

  • Understanding Change, renewal, turnaround, and Transformation
  • How Industries Change and Different trajectories of Change
  • Dynamic Capabilities and Managing Renewal in Organizations

Module 8: Organizational Behaviour and Human Resource Management

  • Organization Behaviour - Self and Team
  • Leadership and Organizational Development
  • Managing People Performance
  • HR Analytics

Module 9: Marketing Management

  • Introduction to Marketing Management
  • B2B and B2C Marketing
  • Brand Marketing Management
  • Retail Marketing Management
  • Exploring Digital Marketing Landscape
  • Designing Social Media Marketing and social media analytics

Module 10: Consumer Behaviour and Market Research

  • Understanding and Interpreting Consumer Behaviour
  • Tools and Techniques of Market Research
  • Target Marketing

Module 11: Corporate Strategy

  • Corporate Level Strategies-Increasing and Reducing the scope of the organization
  • Different types of Growth Strategies
  • Understanding Business Models
  • Business Model Innovation
  • Strategy Implementation

Module 12: Managing Operations and Supply Chain

  • Operations Strategy
  • Six Sigma & Lean Management
  • Supply Chain Management

Module 13: Managing Entrepreneurial Ventures

  • Opportunity Identification and Assessment
  • Business model
  • Business strategy-finance, HR, marketing and IT

Module 14: Design Thinking and Innovation Management

  • Innovation Imperatives
  • Customer centricity and design thinking
  • New Product/ Service Development Process
  • Building to think-the power of prototyping
  • Managing Innovations- Collaborative and Disruptive

Module 15: Digital Transformation

  • Digital Disruption & Strategies for a Digital Transformation
  • Agile Business Transformation
  • Digital Leadership
  • Marketing for the Digital Age
  • Network-based business models- Structure and Strategy

Module 16: Managing Project

  • Project Planning and Execution
  • Project Risk Management
  • Project Control System
  • Project Finance, Project Contracting and Clearances

Module 17: Managing Service Operations

  • Recognizing the service content in organizations
  • Understanding the service encounter
  • Customer factor and formulating a service strategy
  • Understand how to design, plan, operate and manage a service organization

Module 18: International Management

  • Understanding the global business environment in a VUCA world
  • Understanding the different types of global strategies
  • Different patterns of internationalization with specific reference to emerging markets

Program Fees

For Indian Residents

Rs. 1,70,000 + GST*

Amount (INR)
1st instalment
Immediate Payment
Rs. 30000 + GST*
2nd Instalment
10 August 2023
Rs. 40000 + GST*
3rd Instalment
10 September 2023
Rs. 30000 + GST*
4th instalment
10 November 2023
Rs. 40000 + GST*
5th instalment
10 January 2024
Rs. 30000 + GST*

6 Months No Cost EMI
Starts from

Rs. 26667 + GST*

For International Students

USD 3500

*EMI Plan varies from case-to-case basis.
*Executive Alumni Status (Optional) Rs. 10,000 + GST* (Directly payable to the Institute)
*An additional charge is payable towards boarding charges at IIM Ranchi for the on-campus immersion session.
*Application fees of Rs. 2000/- to be paid at the time of registration.
* 1% + GST* processing fees will be charged by loan partner in 6/9/12 months EMI.

Course Certificate

Earn Certification After The Successful Completion Of The Course

Post Graduate Certification in Advanced General Management
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Program faculty members

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Swarup Kumar Dutta
Swarup Kumar Dutta
Program Director


Tuhin Sengupta
Tuhin Sengupta
Program Director


About the institute

IIM Ranchi

The ninth Indian Institute of Management was established at Ranchi in 2009. This was made possible with the extensive support of the Indian Institute of Management Calcutta and the Government of Jharkhand, working under the guidance of Ministry of Education, Government of India.

We aim at creating efficient managers and business leaders. We strive to ensure that our students develop the right skills required to sustain and grow in any organization. An equal weight is also given on developing the right values and attitude in students to help them sail through times of trial and turbulence. We pay keen attention towards cultivating a winning spirit, which is why they are encouraged to participate in standard competitions on all platforms. At the same time, we also take efforts in preparing the students for the future by teaching courses on emerging trends and areas like neural networks, analytics and energy management.

Thus IIM Ranchi prides itself in its carefully designed curriculum, a values-oriented approach and a holistically nurturing environment. Our programs are aimed at grooming students to enable them to face challenges of the real world; to make them efficient leaders who are grounded and humble; to instil in them the quest for excellence and not just for achievement. Having said that, with a pool of immensely talented students, guided by the most competent and capable faculty, we are truly an institute with a difference.

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Rs. 1,70,000 + 18% GST
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